New Frontiers
Life brings forth some very interesting changes at times and this is one of them.   Will Mooney and Dave Worrell have been writing music together for almost 15 years and now we're lucky and proud to have recently welcomed Joe Wilke into the band!   Through a lot of molding and a beautiful variety of influences, we're happy to make our announcement that Painted Shut is officially moving forward into new and exciting territory.   You can find more information about each of us in our "about us" section.

back at work
As of March 27, 2007, we're back in the studio recording a new song that Will has been toying with on guitar.   We've laid down 3 tracks and keep going over it time after time, tweaking the format and working on the lyric lines and melodies.   It's going to be a bad assed song when it's done.   Just wait and see!

Alan Parsons
April 28th 2007:   We had the honor of meeting Alan Parsons and crew (Godfrey Townsend, Steve Murphy, P. J. Olsson, John Montagna, and Manny Focarazzo) in Las Vegas when they performed at the Railhead.   What a thrill it was to meet Alan who has been part of our lives for many years.   From his fantastic conceptual pieces, such the award winning Eye In The Sky, to his massive production work on Pink Floyds - Dark Side of The Moon, Alan has been an inspiration to us all.

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